Settings Help for Connecting an Apple iCloud or Account

Here are the standard settings for Apple iCloud or accounts...

IMAP <-- make sure correct tab is selected

Name = [your full name]
Address = [your email address]

Incoming Mail Server
Host =
Port = 993
Username = example (NOT the full email address "")
Password = [your email password]
SSL = On

Outgoing Mail Server
Host =
Port = 587
Username = (the full email address, NOT just "example")
Password = [your email password]
SSL = On



Here are a few additional tips that might be helpful:

:: Try starting fresh. Often it helps to delete the non-working email account entirely, because it might contain some input errors. Starting fresh can often solve the problem.

:: If searching online for your provider's settings, try a web search for: MyProvider server and port settings. (Replace "MyProvider" with your email provider's name.)

:: Type your password v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. The most common source of difficulty is password typing error. Typing very slowly and deliberately, checking as you go, often solves the problem.



Assuming your email account is working in the built-in iOS Mail app (let us know if it's not)... We can often spot problems that aren’t apparent to users, when we can compare side-by-side BOTH your Talkler app settings, and your existing Mail app settings (already on your iPhone). It’s easy and secure. Here’s how to share those screenshots...



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