Update to 1.0.3 for Password Problem Fix

Fixed in Talkler 1.0.3. Our loyal users gave us feedback that helped us uncover a problem in the last version (1.0.2)  — and we were listening to every word. This one was significant, because it frustrated a number of users. Here's what was happening: When connecting an email account, some users write their username like this: username instead of username@domain.comIn these cases, the app would not save your password, and would not connect Talkler to your email account. To be clear, this issue did not pose any risk to your data or harm your phone. You just couldn't connect that particular email account. Still, we take our users' feelings and experiences quite seriously. We put an update of Talkler (1.0.3) into the pipeline, and asked Apple to expedite the approval of the update. Be sure to download the update!

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