Help with 4-Digit Verification Code

Talkler doesn't officially support phone numbers outside the United States and Canada.

As a workaround for users outside the U.S., you can enter the following Getting Started Number (in place of your own mobile number): 3024648255.

After you submit the Getting Started Number, we'll email you your 4-Digit Verification Code. NOTE: Please allow 1-2 business days for us to send you the code. (We really don't like asking our users outside the U.S. to wait — we're working on worldwide support!)

TIP for Non-U.S. Mobile Numbers: Try entering your own mobile number both with and without the + (plus sign) and the country code.

On behalf of other users outside the U.S., if you do succeed in receiving your 4-Digit Verification Code via SMS, please tell us how you did it! We'll keep others in your region informed.

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