Does Talkler work with Bluetooth?

Wondering if Talkler will work with Bluetooth devices, such as in-car Bluetooth phone systems, or Bluetooth headsets.

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    Yes, Talkler is fully Bluetooth-compatible. If your Bluetooth device can take phone calls (it has both speakers and a microphone), then it will work with Talkler.

    Something to keep in mind: 

    Bluetooth audio can be limited. You may need to adjust for Bluetooth's limitations.

    For instance, some Bluetooth systems cut off the first syllable or so of sound. So when you say "Hey, Talkler..." your Bluetooth system may only pick up "...Talkler."

    You might want to try "Hey, Hey, Talkler." If you discover other ways of working with Bluetooth, we'd love to hear: We're always interested in your feedback, so we can improve Talkler!

    Bluetooth recorded audio is also highly compressed, which means your recorded replies won't sound as good as when you record your replies using speakerphone or corded headphones.

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