Malformed emails can cause app to close

Our testing team has uncovered a problem where a malformed email* in your Inbox can cause the app to quit. We're already working on an update to address the problem.**

Meanwhile, you can continue to use Talkler. Some easy workarounds:

:: If you can identify the email that's likely causing the problem, try deleting it from your Inbox via iOS Mail app or some other mail client.

:: Reduce the number of emails you show in your Inbox (Settings > Basic Settings > Show X most recent emails...). The problem email might be an older email, and it may be excluded from the Inbox if you limit the number of emails you display.

:: Wait until a sufficient number of new emails have been received. New emails will "push" the problem email out of your Inbox, which shows only the X most recent emails.

All reports indicate that this problem is rare. With new emails arriving all the time to your Inbox, it will typically resolve itself.

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* Technical details, in case you're interested: "Malformed email" refers to email messages that employ non-standard HTML formatting. Many email clients send email messages with formatting (embedded images, formatted text, links, etc.) using HTML. Some email clients don't honor the HTML standards ( established by the industry. Talkler processes every email message in order to voice the email in plain English, by stripping away HTML and substituting pronounceable words for abbreviations, URLs and such. On rare occasions, non-standard HTML formatting can interfere with Talkler's processing.

** You can help! If you're able to share the crash logs generated when Talkler quits unexpectedly, it's very valuable for our development team for finding and "plugging the leak." Here's how to share crash logs. Alternatively, if you're able to identify the email that's likely causing the problem, and you're able to share the problem email, contact us at It's valuable to have more examples of non-standard emails. 

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    There's also a straightforward test you can perform to see if malformed emails in your inbox are affecting your use of Talkler: You'll create a new Gmail account for testing purposes. If Talkler works properly when connected to this fresh account, then the problem is likely with your own inbox. (It's possible your inbox contains a malformed email.)

    Let's get started...

    (1) On your computer or mobile device, create a new Gmail account for testing purposes. (It's free and easy.) Go to Sign out of your Google account if you're logged in. And click the red button at the top (reading "Sign Up" or "Create an Account").

    (2) On your mobile device, launch Talkler and delete any email accounts currently connected to Talkler. Just go to Settings > then Email Accounts > then tap the Delete Account... button at the bottom of the screen for each account. (Don't worry, your emails are safe, and you can easily reconnect your current email accounts when you're done testing.)

    (3) Connect the new Gmail account to Talkler. In Talkler, go to Settings > Email Accounts > Add Account... Simply enter your name, Gmail address and password for the new account you've just created.

    (4) Listen to the welcome emails that Google places in a new Gmail account.

    If everything works properly for you, then you'll know that the problem is likely with malformed emails in your own inbox. You can let us know you do by emailing us at, or submitting a request at

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