Is Talkler Secure?

ABSOLUTELYYour passwords and email contents stay safe and private. Always.

Some of the ways we maintain World-Class Security:

  • Passwords are encrypted and are never readable by humans.
  • Encryption is rigorously imposed via Secure Socket Layers (SSL) for all email protocols (Exchange, POP and IMAP).

  • Talkler issues a 4-digit Verification Code via SMS text message to ensure ownership of the mobile device on which it's installed..
  • Industry-wide standards and conventions are always enforced.
  • Talkler utilizes Transport Layer Security (TLS) for all servers that support it.
  • Talkler issues a Security Verification alert to your email address whenever someone attempts to connect an email account with Talkler. The alert details both user-entered data (such as name and email) and automatically captured security data (such as IP address).
  • Our Privacy Policy protects you from any misuse of your personal information.
  • Talkler is more secure than Cloud-based speech recognition. Cloud speech requires a round trip for each user utterance, to and from the Cloud. This means that anything overheard by a Cloud-based app can be hacked while in transit between your device and the Cloud.
  • Talkler, instead, processes speech directly on your phone using advanced on-device speech recognition. This prevents what you say from being hacked while in transit — because what you say is never sent up to the Cloud for processing. (Even better: You'll never have to hear "Please try your request again later" when you're in a cellphone dead zone — Talkler understands even when you have zero bars!)

Talkler maintains a strict security and privacy policy.

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