Sending screenshots of BOTH your Talkler and iOS Mail app settings

We can often spot problems that might not be apparent to users, when we compare side by side BOTH (1) your Talkler settings, AND (2) your existing iOS Mail app settings already on your iPhone. Here's how...

(1) How to share screenshots of your Talkler settings »

(2) How to find and share your iOS Mail settings already on your iPhone:

(a) EITHER How to share screenshots of your existing IMAP or POP settings »

(b) OR How to share screenshots of your existing Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync settings »

Not sure which type of email you've got? »

PRIVACY NOTE: Your passwords always appear onscreen as  • • • •  so your private info stays private.

Remember, we'll have the best chance of helping you if you send BOTH your Talkler settings AND your iOS Mail app settings, so we can compare them side by side.

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