How to share crash logs

Sometimes it's helpful to locate and share the crash logs for an iOS app — for troubleshooting purposes. It takes a few steps, but i's not hard, if you know where to look.

1. On your device, launch the Settings app from the Home screen...



2. Inside the Settings app, tap General > About > Diagnostics (scroll down) > Diagnostics & Usage Data. Like this...















3. On the Data screen, scroll down to the last item in the list that begins with "Talkler." 

If you see multiple items beginning with "Talkler," tap the lowest/most recent item. (They're listed in alphabetical order, so the lowest item will be the most recent.)



4. You're going to select ALL of the text in this crash log. First, tap and hold a long word near the top (e.g., "CrashReporter").

There is no option to Select All, so you'll need to select one word, and then drag the selection handles to select the rest.


TIP: It helps to drag the lower handle SLOWLY to the bottom of the screen until the screen begins to scroll slowly downward. Hold your finger on the screen on the spot without moving, and the scrolling will speed up — until you've scrolled to the bottom of the text.



5. After ALL the text is selected, tap Copy from the pop-up menu.





6. Switch to the iOS Mail app and compose a new email addressed to HELP@TALKLER.COM.

— Paste the copied text into the body of the new email.
— Tap the Send button.

You're all done! 

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