iOS Dictation?

We made a decision early on to support a more heads-up kind of reply: Recorded replies are as easy and safe as leaving a voicemail.

Our thinking was: Built-in iOS dictation capabilities still require proofreading before sending. And they're only accessible through the iOS keyboard. So, if I'm in the car, and I want to send a crucial reply to, say, an important customer, I'll still have to take my eyes off the road to proofread what I dictated — to make sure iOS heard me correctly before sending. Plus comma I'll have to learn to speak those funky punctuations comma know what I mean question mark ;)

In the end, we decided it would be safer and easier for most users if Talkler used Recorded Replies.

That said, we have been considering the possibility of an added service for dictation. Would YOU like that?

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