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Jeff November 9, 2014 Announcements

Talkler remains one of the most secure mobile apps for speech technology and email.

Google recently changed its security policy for Gmail, by disabling Basic Authentication for some of its users. Instead, Google has started requiring some Gmail users to use a security protocol called OAuth 2.0 (what's OAuth 2.0?).

As a result, some Talkler/Gmail users* may receive a message from Google that a sign-in attempt was blocked. Or they may see an error message from Talkler when trying to connect to a Gmail account.

If you have problems connecting to Gmail, you may need to re-enable Basic Authentication for your Gmail account. Here's how to re-enable Basic Authentication » (full article)

Good news: For the convenience of our Talkler users with Gmail, we'll release a new version of Talkler in the next few weeks, with support for Google's new policy and OAuth 2.0. In the meanwhile, simply re-enable Basic Authentication.

*This change ONLY affects some users of free Gmail services. It does NOT affect users of Google Apps, Google Apps for Business or Google Apps for Work.


Jeff July 23, 2014 Talkler Tips Online + FAQ

ABSOLUTELYYour passwords and email contents stay safe and private. Always.

Some of the ways we maintain World-Class Security:

  • Passwords are encrypted and are never readable by humans.
  • Encryption is rigorously imposed via Secure Socket Layers (SSL) for all email protocols (Exchange, POP and IMAP).

  • Talkler issues a 4-digit Verification Code via SMS text message to ensure ownership of the mobile device on which it's installed..
  • Industry-wide standards and conventions are always enforced.
  • Talkler utilizes Transport Layer Security (TLS) for all servers that support it.
  • Talkler issues a Security Verification alert to your email address whenever someone attempts to connect an email account with Talkler. The alert details both user-entered data (such as name and email) and automatically captured security data (such as IP address).
  • Our Privacy Policy protects you from any misuse of your personal information.
  • Talkler is more secure than Cloud-based speech recognition. Cloud speech requires a round trip for each user utterance, to and from the Cloud. This means that anything overheard by a Cloud-based app can be hacked while in transit between your device and the Cloud.
  • Talkler, instead, processes speech directly on your phone using advanced on-device speech recognition. This prevents what you say from being hacked while in transit — because what you say is never sent up to the Cloud for processing. (Even better: You'll never have to hear "Please try your request again later" when you're in a cellphone dead zone — Talkler understands even when you have zero bars!)

Talkler maintains a strict security and privacy policy.

Still have questions? Write us. We love questions! help@talkler.com

Jeff September 6, 2014 Talkler Tips Online + FAQ

We can often spot problems that might not be apparent to users, when we compare side by side BOTH (1) your Talkler settings, AND (2) your existing iOS Mail app settings already on your iPhone. Here's how...

(1) How to share screenshots of your Talkler settings »

(2) How to find and share your iOS Mail settings already on your iPhone:

(a) EITHER How to share screenshots of your existing IMAP or POP settings »

(b) OR How to share screenshots of your existing Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync settings »

Not sure which type of email you've got? »

PRIVACY NOTE: Your passwords always appear onscreen as  • • • •  so your private info stays private.

Remember, we'll have the best chance of helping you if you send BOTH your Talkler settings AND your iOS Mail app settings, so we can compare them side by side.

Tara July 20, 2013 Talkler Tips Online + FAQ

Here are a few tips you may find helpful:

  • START FRESH. Often it helps to delete the non-working email account entirely, because it might contain some input errors. Starting fresh can often solve the problem.
  • CHECK WITH YOUR PROVIDER. Confirm with your email provider the correct outgoing and incoming mail server addresses, port numbers and SSL/TLS settings. If looking for your provider's settings, try a web search for: MyProvider server and port settings. (Replace "MyProvider" with your email provider's name.)
  • IMAP, POP AND EXCHANGE BUTTONS. Check the IMAP and POP and Exchange buttons at the top of the Talkler > Settings > Email Accounts… screen, to make sure that you have the correct one selected. (Not sure which? Ask your provider, or read about the difference between IMAP, POP and Exchange.)
  • TYPE PASSWORDS  V-E-R-Y  S-L-O-W-L-Y. The most common source of difficulty is password input error. Typing very slowly and deliberately, checking as you go, often solves the problem.

If these tips don't get you connected, feel free to search Talkler Help for your email provider ("Gmail," "Yahoo," etc.). Or Submit a Request right here at Talkler Help.