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Jeff December 2, 2015 Announcements

With the release of Talkler 1.4 in November 2015, Talkler introduced the use of iOS 9's built-in text-to-speech (TTS) voices — Samantha U.S. and Daniel U.K.


Talkler now takes advantage of built-in iOS 9 voices Samantha and Daniel. So the Talkler app is much smaller + faster to download, and takes up less space on your device. If you've used Siri in the U.S. or U.K., you'll appreciate the familiar sound of these well-crafted voices.


Since we've switched to iOS 9 voices, you can now upgrade to the Enhanced quality for FREE. Simply open the Settings app, then tap General > Accessibility > Speech > Voices > English… and select Samantha (Enhanced) and Daniel (Enhanced). More info »

Jeff May 19, 2015 Announcements

Talkler doesn't officially support phone numbers outside the United States and Canada.

As a workaround for users outside the U.S., you can enter the following Getting Started Number (in place of your own mobile number): 3024648255.

After you submit the Getting Started Number, we'll email you your 4-Digit Verification Code. NOTE: Please allow 1-2 business days for us to send you the code. (We really don't like asking our users outside the U.S. to wait — we're working on worldwide support!)

TIP for Non-U.S. Mobile Numbers: Try entering your own mobile number both with and without the + (plus sign) and the country code.

On behalf of other users outside the U.S., if you do succeed in receiving your 4-Digit Verification Code via SMS, please tell us how you did it! help@talkler.com We'll keep others in your region informed.

Jeff December 18, 2015 Announcements

Since releasing Talkler 1.4 for iOS 9, we've identified a probable issue with Talkler 1.4 and Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync (EAS). Users affected are reporting difficulty connecting their EAS accounts to Talkler.

We've already submitted to Apple a new version of Talkler (1.4.1) that addresses the issue. It should be approved for release into the App Store in the next few days.

In the meanwhile, you might want to auto-forward emails from your Exchange account to a Gmail account (or equivalent). Talkler works beautifully with Gmail and all popular mail services. In this way, you can still hear and respond to emails — eyes-free and safely.

If you'd like, we'd be happy to let you know as soon as we've released the new version of Talkler with the fix. Simply sign up for the Talkler List: talkler.com/signup

Jeff December 2, 2015 Talkler Tips Online + FAQ

When Talkler is ready to listen for a voice command, you'll see the Listening Mic onscreen, and hear a "bloop" sound. If you speak too quickly, or if your spoken voice command overlaps with the "bloop," then Talkler might not understand what you said. The solution is easy:

Pause for a fraction of a second after the "bloop" and before speaking your voice command. Talkler actually starts listening for your voice a fraction of a second after the "bloop." (Helps to distinguish between your voice and the echo from the "bloop" in certain acoustic settings.)

So if you're having trouble being understood, try pausing for a fraction of a second after the "bloop"!

Jeff November 9, 2014 Announcements

Talkler remains one of the most secure mobile apps for speech technology and email.

Google recently changed its security policy for Gmail, by disabling Basic Authentication for some of its users. Instead, Google has started requiring some Gmail users to use a security protocol called OAuth 2.0 (what's OAuth 2.0?).

As a result, some Talkler/Gmail users* may receive a message from Google that a sign-in attempt was blocked. Or they may see an error message from Talkler when trying to connect to a Gmail account.

If you have problems connecting to Gmail, you may need to re-enable Basic Authentication for your Gmail account. Here's how to re-enable Basic Authentication » (full article)

Good news: For the convenience of our Talkler users with Gmail, we'll release a new version of Talkler in the next few weeks, with support for Google's new policy and OAuth 2.0. In the meanwhile, simply re-enable Basic Authentication.

*This change ONLY affects some users of free Gmail services. It does NOT affect users of Google Apps, Google Apps for Business or Google Apps for Work.