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Talkler Help July 20, 2013 Talkler Tips Online + FAQ

Here are a few tips you may find helpful:

  • Try starting fresh. Often it helps to delete the non-working email account entirely, because it might contain some input errors. Starting fresh can often solve the problem.
  • Confirm with your email provider the correct outgoing and incoming mail server addresses, port numbers and SSL/TLS settings.
  • If looking for your provider's settings, try a web search for: MyProvider server and port settings. (Replace "MyProvider" with your email provider's name.)
  • Check the IMAP and POP buttons at the top of the Talkler > Settings > Email Accounts… screen, to make sure that you have the correct one selected.
  • Type your password v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. The most common source of difficulty is password input error. Typing very slowly and deliberately, checking as you go, often solves the problem.

If these tips don't get you connected, feel free to search Talkler Help for your email provider ("Gmail," "Yahoo," etc.). Or Submit a Request right here at Talkler Help.

Talkler Help August 10, 2013 Talkler Tips Online + FAQ

Yes, under the right circumstances, Talkler will connect with Hosted Exchange providers (example@xyzcompany.com), like Outlook.com, Office365.com, GoDaddy.com, NetworkSolutions.com… Talkler also works with in-house Exchange (hosted by your own organization) — if IMAP and SMTP are opened. (Ask your system administrator for correct email server settings.)

NEW: We are working on full support of Microsoft Exchange + ActiveSync. If you'd like to hear the moment we launch full support for Microsoft Exchange + ActiveSync, join the Talkler List! Talkler.com/sign-up 

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Talkler Help Feb 24 Feature Requests

We've been getting this question quite a bit lately. The good news: You won't have to wait long! We're already in testing for a new version of Talkler that fully supports ActiveSync with Talkler's reads-aloud, voice-controlled productivity.

If you'd like to hear the minute we launch Talkler with Exchange - ActiveSync, feel free to join the Talkler List: http://Talkler.com/sign-up

Talkler Help Feb 24 1 Community Help

Our favorite method for using Talkler with hands-free Bluetooth is to launch Talkler and make sure it's connecting with the cars audio system — before putting the car in gear. Once Talkler is running, you can lock the screen and stash the phone away in a pocket, or anywhere else safe.

Another option: If the phone is within reach where you can safely press the Home button, just ask Siri to "Launch Talkler."